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PostSubject: GROUNDS FOR DQ?   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:08 pm

So im 20 years old and have really been considering becoming a police officer. I know that depending on the Police department also depends on the leniency. I started to smoke marijuana when I was about 17 and stopped about 6 months ago. I have also experimented with a few different drugs when I was 18 and 19. I’ve tried coke twice, and done ecstasy a couple times. About 6 months ago was when I got a possession charge but was later expunged in court. Ever since I was caught I turned my life around and knew that I needed to go in a positive direction and law enforcement has always been a dream of mine. Now that you know a little about what I have experienced here are some questions.

As I stated before I know leniency varies but lets try and make this as neutral as possible…

With all the drugs I have tried will this automaticly be grounds for DQ?

Since I have only been clean for 6 months or so will this be grounds for DQ?

Will my possession charge still show up even though it was expunged due to an illegal stop?

Thank you for all your help
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PostSubject: Re: GROUNDS FOR DQ?   Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:41 pm

It is true that standards for past drug use varies depending on the department. Many departments automatically disqualify you if you have used any illegal drugs other than what would be considered "experimental" during the last ten years. It sounds as though your use of marijuana was more than experimental. Having used marijuana six months ago would also disqualify you with most police departments. Below is an example of a past drug use requirement from one department.

Have no history of extensive illicit drug use, or any history of delivery or transportation of a controlled substance for profit, or be a "current" user of any illicit drug. "Current" use is defined as the use of marijuana or the abuse of prescription drugs within the past three (3) years; or the use of any other illicit drug (cocaine, methampetamine, LSD, etc.) within the past five (5) years. All illicit drug involvement is subject to review to determine suitability for employment.

As you can see above, the drug use you described would not automatically disqualify you with the above department five years from now.

If your record was expunged, then it should not show up on your criminal history, but a good background investigator might still find out about it.

You are young. Five or ten years might seem like a very long time, but it isn't really. Some police officers don't start their law enforcement officer careers until they are in their forties. I suggest attending college, building a good work history by maybe working part-time while you go to school. Get a four year degree. Work in another field or do security work for a while. Consider joining the military. With time and hard work, you can make yourself a better candidate.
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