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 Can I get into the Academy as a non-affiliate with...

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PostSubject: Can I get into the Academy as a non-affiliate with...   Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:50 pm

Hello all,

Quick question... I am 26 years old, reside in California, and I am attempting to sign up for an upcoming basic police academy in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am set to take the POST wriiten exam/PAT test on the same day. I have been studying and am not worried about either test BUT I am worried about some blemishes on my driving/criminal record. The requirements to join the academy are that you must pass a medical examination, driving record check, DOJ background check.

I'm sure the DOJ is to check for felonies, which I do not have, but I did have a misdemeanor DUI when I was 21 years old on 12/16/05. When I was younger, the DMV suspended my license a few times for not maintaining proof of insurance on file, however, the suspensions only lasted for a few days at the longest as I would be able to pay my insurance as soon as my paycheck came. Since my DUI in 2005, I have been on the straight and narrow path, with the exception of three tickets within the last four years: Two for a seatbelt and one for crossing over a double yellow.

Is it likely that I will be rejected from joining the academy as a non-affiliate? I am not trying to be hired at this time as I know my chances are slim. Rather, I would like to put myself through the academy to show that I am SERIOUS about being in LE, and possibly try to apply for a reserve officer position. Is this feasible given my history?
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Can I get into the Academy as a non-affiliate with...

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