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 Am I elgible to be hired?

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PostSubject: Am I elgible to be hired?   Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:44 pm

I am currently attending IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana for a computer science degree. However, I have realized for a while that I would love to be able to be a police officer but I wasn't sure if I would be an eligible candidate or not. The Indianapolis Police Department is currently accepting applications and they don't require any kind of degree, just a diploma or GED. I had excellent grades in high school, but I have not done so well in college. I really feel college isn't for me because I have to really work hard to get good grades. I love working and am a hard worker, but I struggle with school. I didn't know if my college background would have an effect on me getting hired.
Also, when I was 16, I received a misdemeanor for possession of a firearm. I will be 21 in 20 days, and wasn't sure if this conviction would hinder my acceptance either. I am basically wondering if I would have a chance of getting hired into I.M.P.D with my college background and my misdemeanor.
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PostSubject: Re: Am I elgible to be hired?   Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:10 pm

You could get hired. I'd stick with college though. Even if you don't have excellent grades, having a degree is still a big plus. There's nothing wrong with working hard!
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Am I elgible to be hired?

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